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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Laugh, Smile, Cry

This Blog is to Thank all of the replies from my request for prayers for Ed and Bonnie Givens.
Ed had surgery Wednesday  June 8th, 2011, and had his leg amputated.  What a brave man he is and a brave wife he has at his side.    Ed had his other leg amputated in l996.

It all started when he slipped on a piece of Black Ice on the pavement.  

He was at a Country Club and it was in the early morning.  If you can imagine, Palm Desert California, which you presume is always hot.

It started as a fall and, in time, turned into an infection.     This brave man went into the Hospital for surgery on his leg and ended up having a partial amputation of his lower leg.   Because he had a bi pass previously, they used the veins in his leg to return the blood.   While in a rehab he developed a major infection and ended up having again to go into the Hospital and have his leg amputated, just above his knee.

After recovery Ed and his lovely wife Bonnie Jean, bought a R.V. and spent their time traveling around.

Ed loved to camp and was a very independent man.  He would hook up the large R.V. when they settled, and he never stopped to feel sorry for himself.   He had his truck adjusted so that he could drive with his left
leg.  They went on trips to Hawaii, took a cruise and didn't stop dancing.

Bonnie and Ed wanted to serve their community in the city of Palm Springs, and help those in need, so they joined the Elks as greeters.  Bonnie ended up serving as the Exalted Ruler of the Elks for two years.   If  Ed didn't go to the meetings he would drive Bonnie Jean to the meetings and pick her up late at night when the meeting were over.  These two are just incredible.

Ed is such a down to earth very intellectual man,who loves to talk about the Lord and also Ed loves
car racing.

On Wednesday June 8th, 20ll Bonnie Jean and Ed were faced again with another Surgery.   Ed had to have surgery on his other leg.

The waiting room at the Hospital was filled with their many  good friends.   Bonnie  spent
the last two weeks  at the hospital only going home a few times for a quick shower and to love their two doggies.

This letter is to thank all of you for sending your prayers.
It has been amazing the emails and letters I have received on behalf of Ed and Bonnie.  They have brought strength and smiles to the both of them.  Bonnie holds them close to her heart and reads them over and over and over to Ed.  The Lord is

Please pray for Ed and Bonnie Jean as Ed is in the Hospital again June 26, 2011 as we Blog....

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